Monday, October 13, 2008

Nights 11 & 12: Ringu and Ju-On

Ok, so I survived my weekend in the backwoods. My Honda already earns me dirty looks in those parts. If only they knew I was screening Japanese movies (on a Japanese TV and a Japanese DVD player) instead of watching my hometown Phillies try to bring home the pennant. Any inbred American axemen worth their salt would behead me on principle alone.

Then again, losing my head at this, er, juncture might be an improvement. After twelve consecutive nights of horror, I am finally reaching the state of critical (black) mass that I anticipated when I embarked on this Stygian adventure. I cannot close my eyes without seeing dead people. And that's during the daytime. After sunset... let's just say I am thankful for my children's night lights.

Inbetween screenings and sleepless nights, I spent the weekend tearing up a floor, priming and painting a room, climbing an old tree to free a wedged dead limb with an antique saw, and chopping wood like a madman. All of which is to say I am dog tired. And I still have to watch tonight's selection.

So there won't be any reviews this time. Sorry. Maybe I'll come back someday and do justice to these great films. But for now, I'll just say--watch the originals and forget about their American remakes.

I dare you.

p.s. those of you keeping score might notice that I skipped a day in there. Before you cry foul, please remember that Night 2 was a double-feature so I'm still on track. Besides, even Satan, er, God took a day off, right?

Scorecard (out of ten skulls):
Scare Factor:

My psychological status:
twitchy and exhausted, with a chronic case of the heebie-jeebies.

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